Wednesday, April 28, 2010


- What do you like to drink in the morning? Milk, Coffee or tea?
- I love cafe con leche (cafe au lait!!!)!!! In the mornings I absolutely need it to wake up! In the afternoons sometimes I have another coffee and sometimes tea.

- Do you consider yourself addicted to Etsy?
- I don't consider myself super addicted....but when I log on, it's very hard for me to log out!! haha That is why I try to not do it often!

- Black lace or white silk?
- Black lace of course!!! waaaaaaay sexier!!! hahaha


- Qué te gusta tomar por la mañana? Leche, cafe o te?
- Me encanta el cafe con leche! En las mañanas necesito despertarme con un cafecito. Por las tardes a veces tomo te y a veces cafe.

- Te consideras adicta a ETSY?
- No me considero super adicta.....pero cuando entro, me es muy dificil salir! jajaja!! Por eso trato de no entrar tanto.

- Encaje negro o seda blanca?
- Pero claro que encaje negro!! mucho mas sexy!! jajaja

Liz, Black Pearl Hoop Earrings by yanessab $18.00

Betsy, Pink Flower Bobbies by yanessab $ 8.00

Ariel, Sterling and Crystal Necklace by yanessab $ 26.00


Etsy Latino said...

Es muy lindo poder conocerte un poco mas Yanessa. Thank you so much for your participation and cooperation para el team.

Etsy Latino team1

BululuStudio said...

love the interview, great questions. Congrats Yanessa.

Enid said...

Super cool interview!!!

una said...

Hey Yanessa, you´re looking good!
Congrats! ...Me encanta poder conocerte mas :)

milizita said...

Siii! buenas preguntas! Bonita!

Pera Chapita said...

Great stuff!! and cute pic! Thanks :)

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