Friday, March 26, 2010

Egg Hunt Giveaway!

Photo by Lolo Sinclair

We are celebrating Easter in Etsy Latino Team!
Estamos celebrando la Pascua en Etsy Latino team!

We are giving-away 6 wonderful handmade eggs by our members. What do you have to do to win these eggs? Very simple!
Estamos regalando 6 hermosos huevos hechos por nuestros miembros. Como hacer para ganarlos? Muy simple!

- Visit the stores that are participating in this giveaway and find all the carefully hidden real or plastic eggs among their products.
- Visita las tiendas que estan participando en este giveaway y encuentra los huevos reales o de plastico muy bien escondidos en uno de sus productos.

- After you have found all 6 eggs, come back here and tell us where you have found them. You must provide the http of each product where an egg was found.
- Despues de que los hayas encontrado todos regresa aca y dinos donde encostraste los huevos. Tienes que poner el http de cada producto donde estuvo oculto el huevo.

**Our Egg Hunt Giveaway will start today, Friday March 26th till Sunday April 4th.**
Nuestro giveaway comenzara a partir de hoy Viernes 26 de Marzo hasta el Domingo 4 de Abril.

- There will be only one winner and that would be the first that finds all 6 hidden eggs.
-Habrá un solo ganador y será el primero que encuentre los 6 huevos escondidos.

-Anyone, except team members can participate.In order to win this giveaway you have to follow our team blog, twitter or become a Fan of our Facebook Fan Page.
Para poder participar en este giveaway tienes que seguir nuestro blog,Twitter o nuestro Facebook Fan Page. No te olvides de decir de que nos estan siguiendo en alguna de esas partes.

Here are the pictures of the gorgeous handmade eggs you are going to win! But don't forget to find first the 6 real or plastic eggs in our shops to win them.

A brooch eggs by prendasbyenid

A hair clip chicken by giabowtique

A bookmark egg by UNAshop

An ornament egg by aylla

Two hats eggs by mylittleaura

An Fried Egg by Lolos

Good Luck to all participants!
Mucha suerte a todos los participantes!

And now go egg hunting! Have fun in your search!
Y ahora a buscar los huevitos! Que te diviertas en tu busqueda!

Etsy Latino Team!


Etsy Latino said...

Good luck to all!

Etsy Latino Team!

Con pájaros en mi cabeza said...

Ay que entreteeeee...los huevitos están hermosos amigas...mucha suerte al ganador!!!

Aylla said...

I love all these easter eggs and the pollito ;) !!! Let's find them all ;)

Etsy Latino said...

Hello again! Guys! You have to find 6 real or plastic eggs in our shops to win the 6 handmade eggs. We are not giving away purses, shoes, earrings, etc, etc. We are giving away 6 handmade eggs. And please don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook Fan Page or our blog to win the price.

Thank you so much!

Etsy Latino Team!

parallel-botany said...

The egg I found in aylla's shop was neither real nor plastic. Is that a red herring, or is that the egg?

Aylla said...

Ok! I fixed it. Now the egg is a real one ;)
So sorry for the confusion!

una said...

Hola chicas, que lindos huevitos y el pollito :) ...come on everyone...a buscar, hunt, hunt!!!

parallel-botany said...






mylittleaura (maybe??? sí?/no?)

Well, I tried...

Etsy Latino said...

Still missing...

Etsy Latino team!

parallel-botany said...

it's not this is it?


Etsy Latino said...

We have a winner! Congratulations parallel-botany

You found all the eggs!

Felicidades! Has encontrado todos los huevos.

Etsy Latino Team!

parallel-botany said...



una said...

Que rapido!!!!! Felicitaciones parallel-botany!
Happy Easter :)

BululuStudio said...

Nice congrats to the winner.

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